Merge of Pollem and Tail

Hello players, a merge of Pollem and Tail worlds has taken place.

World name
According to a vote in the Facebook group, the most voted name was Ancient.
Voting link(Portuguese): here

An auction will be held between the owners of the same house of the two servers for 15 days. The winner will keep the house.
The other player, with the amount wagered by the winner.
For example: Player1 owned a house in Pollem, and Player2 owned the same house in Tail. Thus, an auction will be held between the two players, in which if Player1 totals $100,000(100k) in bids, and Player2 totals $200,000(200k) in bids, Player2 will win and keep the house, Player1 who lost will keep the 200k offered by Player2 and the 100k he offered, totaling $300,000(300k).

For the player to place their bid in the auction, they must use the command! Auctionbid X (replacing X with the desired dollar amount, for example,! Auctionbid 1000). To find out how the auction is progressing, use the command! Auctioninfo.

Posted on: 2021-04-28 21:41:15